In Memoriam: Harold Sachs

Harold Sachs, Long-time Alabama Republican Party Chief of Staff, has passed away. His obituary and funeral arrangements are here.

Election Day Tips

Report ALL irregularities to Precinct Inspector No campaigning within 30 feet from the entrance of the polling area. Voters may wear campaign/candidate apparel (hats, buttons, etc.). Election workers and poll watchers may not. Voters may bring in a sample marked ballot but must take it out with them or throw it away. If […]

Fellow Alabamians, Let your voices be heard!

Displayed below is a letter written by Hank Sanders to voters in Alabama. Mr. Sanders graduated from Harvard University law school and is a former Alabama state senator.  He should know the law and that it is illegal to pay people to vote.  Federal law states:  18 U.S. Code § 597. Expenditures to influence […]

Expanded Headquarters Hours

Thanks to some wonderful new volunteers, we have been able to expand hours at the Trump-Tuberville Headquarters to 11 am to 5 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Come see us at 515 South Court Street downtown!

Campaign Headquarters Opens September 15th

The Trump/Tuberville Campaign Headquarters will open from 11am-2pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 515 S. Court Street in downtown Montgomery.  Stop by to visit and pick up yard signs, t-shirts and bumper stickers.  We need volunteers to work at the Headquarters, knock on doors for Trump/Tuberville, and make phone […]

ALGOP Statement on Absentee Voting Procedures

Starting today, voters in Alabama can request absentee ballots if they are unable to vote in person.“We are excited the Alabama election process is now open. We expect a record breaking year for voter turnout with President Trump and Tommy Tuberville leading our ticket,” said Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry […]

Become a Precinct Helper

To succeed in November and re-elect President Trump, we must turn out more Repbulican voters than the Democrats.  To do this, we need your help in contacting Republican voters in the precincts where you normally vote.  You see them in your neighborhoods, at the store, at church, many places.  Simply build […]

In Memoriam: Dr. Fletcher Hyde

The Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee and the River Region Republican Club regret to inform you that one of our most faithful members, Dr. Fletcher Hyde, passed away this weekend at the home of his sister in Fayette, Alabama. As many of you know, Fletcher has been suffering from pneumonia […]

COVID-19 Resources for East Alabama

Congressman Mike Rogers sent out an e-Alert earlier today with the following resources for East Alabama residents. As America fights COVID-19, I wanted to provide a list of resources for folks across East Alabama.  Below you will find a compilation of information that I hope will be helpful as we […]