It’s way past time to get the Montgomery County Precinct Plan in action.   The democrats have a ten year head start on us.  We are now going to have to play catch up, but it is absolutely doable.

I saw first hand how effective this approach is while living in Colorado, which is a true grass-roots state, one of only about six.   It will take a lot of hard work, but for every precinct we get a captain setup and working, it is one less we have to do and a major step forward.

The Problem: Apathy

It has been said that Alabama does great in Federal and State elections, meaning we typically elect Republicans, but we get killed in Municipal elections, case in point the recent Mayoral election.  The republicans (conservatives) in Montgomery are now in mourning and angry about the results of this election and the past primary, wondering what happened.  I can tell you what happened in a nutshell…apathy!

Keith Rudolph
Montgomery County Precinct Organizaiton Chairman

The Goal is 100% Republican voter turnout!  Nothing less is acceptable. 

The Solution: Precinct Organization

We must act fast to harness this anger and energy and turn it toward our GOP Precinct Plan.   We must immediately get voter lists for all 46+ polling precincts in Montgomery, find the most active Republican voters, reach out to them and convince them to serve as Polling Place Captains, so they can begin forming a team of volunteers to build relationships within their precinct.

How to Make Winning Elections Happen!

The Goal is 100% Republican voter turnout!  Nothing less is acceptable.   This will entail several parts; voter registration drives, voter education, absentee ballots, and GOTV (Get out the Vote) on election day.

It is up to us! Together We will Win

As Precinct Captains build their relationships with their voters, they will learn who needs rides to the polling place, who are home-bound and must vote absentee, who needs to update their IDs etc.  The precinct is the most important element in this operation.  The captains must be given all the support they need from the County party, a lifeline if you will.  The captains will be accountable to the County Precinct Chairman, me.   We can do this, but as the saying goes, many hands make light work.   It will take lots of volunteers.   If you need proof that this works, you need only look at the Stephen Reed campaign.  It resembled an army.   We must think of this like a military operation, deploying our forces all across this city, and knowing our enemy and their tactics.

Volunteer Now!

One additional thing I would add, this plan is guaranteed to work, in every election; municipal, county, state and federal, regardless of what the election is for.  If the goal is for our candidates to win, this is the means to make it happen.  If we use the recent mayoral election as motivation, I see no reason why it should be difficult to find lots of volunteers.