Election 2020: What Voters Need to Know

Offices on The Ballot in Montgomery County

The following offices will be voted on by Montgomery County voters in the Primary and General elections this year. Sample ballots are available at the county government’s website:

Unopposed candidates do not appear on the ballots. Some offices on the sample ballots are for districts that to not cover all of Montgomery county, and may not appear on your ballot. District maps are also available at the county website.

Federal Offices
  • President / Vice-President
  • U.S. Senate (1 Seat)
  • U.S. House of Representatives (Districts 2, 3, and 7)
State Offices
  • Supreme Court – Associate Justice (2 seats)
  • Court of Criminal Appeals (2 seats)
  • Court of Civil Appeals (2 seats)
  • Public Service Commission – President
  • State Board of Education (District 5)
  • Circuit Court Judges
  • District Court Judges
County Offices
  • County Commission
  • Board of Education
  • Delegates to the Republican and Democrat national conventions

Important Dates

Primary Election
February 14Last day to hand-deliver voter registration forms
February 15Last day to postmark voter registration forms
February 17Voter registration deadline. Last day for online voter registration
February 27Last day to apply for an absentee ballot
March 2Last day to hand-deliver or postmark an absentee ballot
March 3Primary Election
Primary Runoff Election (if necessary)
March 16Voter registration deadline
March 26Last day to apply for an absentee ballot
March 30Last day to hand-deliver or postmark an absentee ballot
March 31Primary Runoff
General Election
October 19Voter registration deadline
October 29Last day to apply for an absentee ballot
November 2Last day to hand-deliver or postmark an absentee ballot
November 3General Election

Further Information

mc-ala.org/departments/election-centerThe Montgomery County government’s website. The Election Center contains detailed information about elections, voter registration, absentee voting, and more.
alabamavotes.govThe Alabama Secretary of State’s voter information website. Here, you can register to vote online, find your polling place and elected officials, read about ballot measures, and more.
2020 Voter GuideThe guide, prepared by the Secretary of State’s office, lists offices up for election and important dates and explains crossover voting tules, voter registration, and polling place procedures.