Election Day Tips

  • Report ALL irregularities to Precinct Inspector
  • No campaigning within 30 feet from the entrance of the polling area.
  • Voters may wear campaign/candidate apparel (hats, buttons, etc.). Election workers and poll watchers may not.
  • Voters may bring in a sample marked ballot but must take it out with them or throw it away.
  • If a voter without an ID cannot be identified by two workers, they must vote using a provisional ballot that will not be run through the machine on Election Day.
  • A poll worker may not ask a voter if they need assistance – only the voter can request assistance.
  • If a voter’s name cannot be found on the roll, the Inspector should call the county Board of Registrars. The voter may have to go to another voting place where they are assigned.
  • No cell phone or photos in the precinct (one exception – ‘ballot selfies’ are allowed).
  • If a voter ‘spoils’ a ballot, they should take it to the Inspector who will tear the corner of the old ballot and give the voter a new one.
  • NO MEDIA /ANYONE is allowed in the voting precincts except voters, poll workers, watchers, election officials and law enforcement (if needed). Anyone can enter the precincts at 7:00 pm to observe the ballot tabulations.
  • A voter is not required to wear a mask to vote although it is recommended.
  • There are to be no questions or interference with a voter or poll worker – report or ask for the Precinct Inspector.

Poll Watchers for the Election

The ALGOP has been recruiting poll watchers to work on Election Day. They are being trained on the process and how to immediately report any irregularities. We also have a large group of attorneys on-call if needed. There are still additional places we need to fill. Please contact Reed Phillips if you have someone that would poll watch for the party at 205.212.5900. Also, we would welcome more attorneys if they would like to participate. Contact Greg Cook at gcook@algop.org.

If you have any issues or concerns on Election Day, please call us at 205.212.5900 or 844-488-8776.

(image credit Jennifer Griffin via Unsplash)