Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee

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Top row: Jim Wilson, Dr. Allen Meadows, Dr. Bart Cook, Pat Wilson, Councilman William Green, Michael Quattlebaum, Kelly Kellum, William "Doc" Holliday, Daniel Sparkman Second row: Galen McAlpine, Emory Deason, Don Taylor, Tom Brantley, Elliot Lipinsky, Third Row: Perry Hooper, Jr., Ann Schaum, Donna Robins, Sharyn Strickland, Peggy Givhan, Greg Pool, Philip Davis, Rick Segrest, Corky Hawthorn, Jerry Gantt Front Row: Susan Haigler, Charlotte Meadows, Loretta Bach, Fran Whitaker, Roger Shelnutt

The Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee (MCREC) governs and directs all Republican Party activities in Montgomery County, Alabama. It performs the duties imposed by election laws of the State of Alabama and by party custom, including:

  • maintain an effective, permanent Montgomery County Republican Organization
  • set local party policies
  • lead all activities of Republican organizations within the county
  • assist Republican organizations affiliated with the Republican Party in the State of Alabama, with particular emphasis on activities in Montgomery County and the surrounding counties
  • recruit and support campaigns of Republican party nominees for public office
  • further the cause of good government and the principles of the Republican Party
  • contribute to an effective statement of Republican aims, purposes, and endeavors
  • aid Republican finance drives
  • perform all duties and responsibilities granted or imposed by applicable laws or by the rules of the Republican National Committee or the Alabama Republican Executive Committee.

Committee members are elected in the Republican primary election during each gubernatorial election year. At least half must be elected from precincts or combinations of precincts designated from time to time by the Committee. The Committee may provide for additional members that are appointed by the chairman or otherwise elected.

Membership: Elected during the Republican primary election during each gubernatorial election year. Additional members may be appointed by the chairman or otherwise elected.

Meeting Time: The fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Meeting Location: Varies


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Officers (2015-16)

  • Chairman: Pat Wilson
  • Vice Chairman: Kelly Kellum
  • Treasurer: Ann Schaum
  • Secretary: Eliot Lipinsky