Local Republicans in the News

Griffin Appointed to 15th Judicial Circuit Court
Congratulations to newly-appointed Greg Griffin, Sr., as circuit judge to the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Court by Governor Robert Bentley.  Judge Griffin replaces retiring Judge Tracey McCooey.  He was previously chief legal counsel for the state parole board and was the Republican nominee for the Court of Criminal Appeals in 1994.  It’s great to have a Republican judge!
Elected Officials Placed on Committees
With the Legislature soon back in session, it’s time for committee assignments.  Provided below are the committees our elected officials are on: 

Representative Dimitri Polizos is vice chair of the Commerce and Small Business Committee and serves as chair of its Environmental Issues Subcommittee.  He also serves as a member of the Campaigns and Elections Subcommittee of the Constitutions, Campaigns and Elections Committee.  Representative Polizos is also a member of the Ethics Subcommittee as part of the Ethics and Campaign Finance Committee.
Representative Reed Ingram is a member of the Agribusiness Subcommittee of the Agriculture and Forestry Committee; Government Regulations Subcommittee of the County and Municipal Government Committee.  He is also a member of the Regulations Subcommittee of the Financial Services Committee.

Senator Dick Brewbaker returns to the Legislature as chairperson of the Education and Youth Affairs Committee and serves as member of the Confirmations Committee, Constitution, Ethics and Elections Committee, Governmental Affairs Committee and Rules Committee.