MCREC Members Running for RNC Delegate

Several members of the Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee are running for delegates to the the Republican National Convention to be held August 24 – 27 in Charlotte, NC. They are:

  • Charlotte Borden Meadows – 2nd Congressional District, Place 1 / Trump Delegate
  • Renee Cronier – 2nd Congressional District, Place 3 / Trump Delegate
  • Perry O. Hooper, Jr. – Statewide Delegate, Place 10 / Trump Delegate
  • Pat McCain Wilson – Statewide Delegate, Place 16 / Trump Delegate
  • Caleb Conner – Statewide Delegate, Place 25 / Trump Delegate

We wish them luck in the March 3rd Primary!

Original photo of Charlotte, NC by Wes Hicks via