Speak Up

Contact Your Legislator

We encourage voters to participate in our government. Let your representative and senator know what you think.

When you email them, be sure to include your name and address. Anonymous messages and messages from outside a legislator’s district are likely to be ignored.

Sen. Dick Brewbaker (R)
Dist. 25
Office: (334) 242-7985

Sen. Quinton T. Ross, Jr. (D)
Dist. 26
Office: (334) 242-7880

Rep. Joe Hubbard (D)
Dist. 73
Office: (334) 242-7707

Rep. Dimitri Polizos (R)
Dist. 74
Office: (334) 242-7600

Dist. 75

Rep. Thad McClammy (D)
Dist. 76
Office: (334) 242-7780

Rep. John F. Knight, Jr. (D)
Dist. 77
Office: (334) 242-7512

Rep. Alvin Holmes (D)
Dist. 78
Office: (334) 242-7706